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Celebrating writers who graduated in 2020, this episode features poetry, fiction and non-fiction by Clementine Brown, Vanwy Arif MacDonald, Michael Morgan, Mollie Winters and Sara Murray. Our contributors explore the reaches of memory and time, from an eventful night in 1960s New York right up to the present moment, and how it feels to have graduated in the summer of 2020. 

Open mic links
Predictive Text Poetry Project
Clementine Brown – Website, WordPress
Vanwy Arif MacDonald – Twitter
Michael Morgan – Twitter, Instagram
Mollie Winter – Website
Sara Murray – Website, Blog, Twitter, Instagram

Featuring poetry, fiction and non-fiction by Lisa Levytska, Patrick Ofosu, Ann Kathryn Kelly and Callum Churchill and an interview with Jane Barkley Young and Adam Rowley from alt-pop duo The Kind. Our open mic performers reckon with uncertainty and sudden changes in circumstance, while our musician spotlight interview with The Kind discusses their EP ‘Tomorrow’ and creating music during lockdown.

Open mic links
Lisa Levytska – Instagram
Patrick Ofosu – Instagram, Twitter
Ann Kathryn Kelly – Barren Magazine, annkkelly.com, Twitter, Instagram
Callum Churchill – Instagram, Twitter

Featuring poetry and short fiction by Guy Jones, Tanya Campbell, Joel Russell and Healy Gier and an interview with indie musician Louis Mars about his debut album ‘Teenage Daydreams’. Our performers offer humorous tales of travels to the seaside, nightmarish train journeys and holidays with unsuitable partners, as well falling in love with places in our past.

Open mic links
Guy Jones – Hothouse Theatre, Oh My Nottz, Writer’s Block, Smashwords
Tanya Campbell – Dundunkini
Joel Russell – ASJR Productions

Featuring poetry by Rhys Owain Williams, Zoë Wells, Helena Lönnberg, and Laura Grevel, and an interview with folk-inspired electronic duo Bossyking (Lauren Davey and Wayne Scurrah) about their new album ‘Music and Machinery’. Our performers take us on journeys to the Slovenian mountains, a London café and the Portugese coast, and remind us of the power of the sun.

Open mic links
Rhys Owain Williams –  The Ghastling Novella Prize, The Ghastling, and The Crunch
Zoë Wells: https://zwells.com/
Helena Lönnberg: First Encounters Podcast
Laura Grevel: https://lgrevel.org/

Featuring Will Horspool (Poetman), Patrick Widdess, Samuel Dodson, James Caton and Gail Webb. Kickstarted by caffeine, this episode explores place, family, love and canine philosophy, ending with a reminder of what to hold onto during difficult times. 

Open mic links
Will Horspool – Poetman,
Patrick Widdess – Poetry Non Stop
Samuel Dodson – Philosophers’ Dogs, Nothing in the Rulebook
Gail Webb – Instagram: poetry_cocktail & Facebook – Gail Webb, Poetre

Featuring work by Michael Morgan, Sue Wells, Poingly, Ann Kathryn Kelly, and Leanne Moden. Through poetry, music and memoir, Episode 2 of the Unlatched Podcast explores home, haircuts and how to respond to new and unfamiliar situations.

Open mic links
Ann Kathryn Kelly – Barren Magazine, annkkelly.com
Leanne Moden – Hopeful Poetry Project
Where Light Falls’ from Coventry Cathedral (November 2019)

Featuring poetry by Jessica Kashdan-Brown, Shakira Morar, Owen Haywood, Alex Scott, Jordan Maxwell Ridgeway and Katie L James. Inspired by other poets, artwork, music and memory, these poems aim to distract, comfort and inspire you during the current lockdown situation.

Open mic links
Jessica Kashdan-Brown – https://jkashdanbrown.wordpress.com/
Alex Scott – Instagram – never_learnt_to_rhyme

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