Class of 2020

A special episode celebrating the writing of students graduating in 2020

Read on to find out how to get involved

We launched the idea of a Class of 2020 special episode in Episode 6 of the podcast. If you want to listen to Amy outlining the special, here is the clip from the episode.

Summer is usually the time for graduation ceremonies and celebrations. While it isn’t close to a replacement for a graduation ceremony, we want to celebrate the work of students who finished their degrees during the chaos and stress of a global pandemic, through our special Class of 2020 episode.

If you graduated in 2020 and consider yourself a writer, we would love to hear from you and share your work. Whether you studied on a creative writing course or wrote in your spare time to keep sane while studying, this is an opportunity to showcase the writing you produced at university and celebrate your achievements.

To get involved, please send an audio recording of your poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, monologues, or other creative writing to, alongside a brief introduction about yourself including what you studied, where, and anything you want to say about the piece (what inspired it, important symbols, what module it was for, etc.). As with our usual episode guidelines, please keep your submission to a maximum of 5-6 minutes, including your introduction.

You can find all of our submissions guidelines on the Submissions page. Please specify in your email that your submission is for the Class of 2020 episode, so that we know where to place your work within our podcast.

Please feel free to share this with your graduate friends and tag them in our social media posts. We can’t wait to hear from you and celebrate your creative achievements.

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