Unlatched Podcast is an ongoing project run by Amy Hodkin and Jessica Kashdan-Brown, sharing spoken word and original music from one home to another.  The podcast is a place for writers and musicians to share their work, bringing together performers and listeners in a way that respects the importance of social distancing.

We won’t pretend that poetry, stories, or music can fix what’s happening right now, but we hope it can offer a bit of space and distraction from worrying – a momentary throwing-open of a window to let in the voices of others.

The podcast is open to everyone, everywhere, from all backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting out, all you need is a device with recording capacity (a phone will do!) and something to perform. We can’t wait to hear and share your work!

Amy Hodkin

Host and Editor

Amy is a writer, editor, and radio presenter currently based in Kendal. She is a graduate of the Warwick Writing Programme and works at Cicerone Press, editing and marketing outdoor travel guidebooks. Her previous experience includes being the poetry editor for Patchwork Magazine and running several arts-based radio shows on RAW 1251AM.

Jessica Kashdan-Brown

Marketing and Co-Host

Jess is a writer, poet, and copywriter based in Bath. She is a graduate of the Warwick Writing Programme and has project managed several public poetry installations. She is currently running the “Predictive Text Poetry Project“, an interactive online project which aims to produce a series of experimental collaborative poems.

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