Simone Eringfeld

Simon Eringfeld is a musician, writer, artist-researcher, and entrepreneur. She graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2020 with a master’s degree in Education, and works as an educational coach to guide and support students to discover their potential and design their own path. Between 2016 and 2019 Simone completed 3 Bachelor’s degrees in 3 years in the subjects of Philosophy, Literary & Cultural Studies, and International Relations (in Amsterdam and London). She also formally studied arts in Barcelona (Metàfora Institute), Berlin (Bard College Berlin), and New York (The New School). Simone speaks 6 languages and loves to travel the world – whenever possible – in pursuit of her curiosity.


PLEASE HOLD is a spoken word/music album from musician-researcher-poet Simone Eringfeld, released on 8th April 2021. The album is the outcome of a unique creative process. While Simone was undertaking a master’s degree at Cambridge University the pandemic struck, turning her life upside down. As institutions closed their doors and classes moved online, Simone documented the crisis in real time through a weekly podcast, interviewing students and professors about their hopes, fears, and the challenges they faced and offering insight into the impact of Coronavirus on higher education. From the podcast, called ‘Cambridge Quaranchats’, Simone selected the most meaningful and touching fragments and made ‘data-poems’ from them, for which she then created arrangements and set them to original music. The result was the album, PLEASE HOLD.

PLEASE HOLD innovatively mixes spoken word performance with a unique and eerie kind of music to create a striking reflection and refraction of the way the pandemic has effected people’s lives, effectively putting them ‘on hold’. Within this atmospheric distillation of experience is captured the way in which computers have increasingly become people’s worlds, and the fatigue and distance associated with that, as well as questions about what the future holds. It is a deeply resonant and almost dystopian snapshot of the present moment, captured and amplified with startling emotion.

With this project, Simone has won the prestigious BERA Masters Dissertation Award (2021, 1st prize).

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