Peter Relph and the Anchorae Isolation Choir

Peter Relph is a choral composer and conductor from the Lake District, UK. His music has been performed across Europe and North America by a number of ensembles, including Scottish Opera, The Britten Sinfonia, The Westminster Williamson Voices, The Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble, The Same Stream Choir, and Magdalene College Chapel Choir. Peter is also the musical director of professional Vocal Quartet Anchorae.

As a response to lockdown 2020, Peter set up the Anchorae Isolation Choir, an international collaborative project which sought to bring together a community of musicians of all abilities. ​Written, recorded and edited remotely, the Anchorae Isolation Choir has so far created two pieces, “Peace” and “The World“, which were both composed by Peter Relph and can both be watched on the Anchorae YouTube channel.

The third and final Anchorae project will be a short film in collaboration with film director and producer Owen Franklin, who founded the Bristol Film Festival and produced the two videos for “Peace” and “The World”.

Our interview with Peter Relph can be found on Episode 8 of the podcast, where we talk to him about his inspirations, how lockdown has affected him and other choral enthusiasts, and the logistics of putting the Anchorae Isolation Choir together.

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